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    João Pereira

    Great update, specifically off road routing improvements! Just one quick suggestion: in map view POI and new Address search buttons should be one button for both OR those two should be optional to show or not in map view. It’s getting too crowded up there…

    Both POI search and Address search and User Locations (not yet available) will be all merged as soon as everything is ready.

    DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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    Hello John

    I have another proposal vor dmd2.

    If You load a File Info dmd2 for example Tet france. The whole File geht’s loaded at once without Fürther notice. This can load the System Like my Carpe Iter for a Long Time. IT would bei better to import IT and then to selekt the partial Tracks which should be activated. What do You think


    jesper wrote:
    Hi It looks like DMD2 is using a lot of power even when the screen us turned off/locked. Is it possible to make the app pause GPS when the screen is locked? Or maybe have an option where it goes to sleep when charging stops? BR Jesper
    It is not, the whole Location service gets stopped when you turn off the screen (no GPS use). How did you measure the power consumptions?

    harupipapa wrote:
    apparently The keycode F5 seems to support continuous presses. The keycodes F6 and F7 don’t seem to support continuous presses. in roadbook mode When working with a PDF, pressing the button scrolls only once. You have to press the button each time. It’s a pain to press the button every time you want to look ahead in the PDF. Is this the specification? I want continuous operation just by pressing a button can you fix it? bar button galaxy tab active3 latest beta
    Buttons are fully configurable in the Roadbook View settings (cog wheel in the roadbook view top right corner), you can literally set them to REPEAT or NOT, and even set the repeat speed!

    Hi John
    Used the built in graph in Android settings. If I leave DMD2 on and lock the screen, it will drain the battery over night.


    That’s great! Thanks! Found a bug in 2.99917. When you navigate to a POI and then drive elsewhere after you have reached the POI, and then want to navigate to same POI again, it just says you have reached your destination. BR Jesper

    Did you see this? 🙂

    Also, I often have to restart the app to get the map to follow me, even though it has a good GPS fix and I tap the compass button to get it to the right mode. The fuel range continues to count down, so GPS is obviously working. I haven’t been able to test this in newer than 2.99921 yet.



    Hello John

    Right at the Moment I am on a Tour to test the navigation. In principle ITS great IT finds good Tracks beides You have to Look weather You are allowed TU use the bicycle track. Maybe IT would bei possible to exclude the official ones. IT becomes complicated when You Ride in Towns .You dont take the one ways Info Account so IT geht’s very difficult. Outside You use Sometimes Walking Tracks which resulted in such a narrow Bridge that I could Not Pass because of my wide Steering bar, and on the other end of the Bridge step stairs.

    One Problem ist when You start navigation your startingpoint should ein Focus and an indication of the direction You should Go. Sometimes the Turn indicators cover the track. Would IT bei possible to have an Option to Change colour of the track. The blue IS very near to the blue of water eg Rivers or lakes. But I think in less regulated areas IT would Work great allready


    When I start a navigation on the Ci (DMD2 beta) and end it via “Options” … “Finish”, the progress bar on the left also disappears.
    This also works on the mobile phone Samsung S10+.
    On my mobile phone Xiaomi mi9, the display remains permanently, even without a route.


    Hello John

    Tested today the track Poi Search again. Unfortunately the Routine searches for all tracks which are loaded in the System regardeless wether they are aktivated or Not. IT IS irrelevant wether You chose one or all Tracks are Hidden IT searches anyway. So You are forced to load only the todays track. If You Plan a 3 week Journey this IS very problematic because You News an Archive system. I think your Intention was to search only for the crivated eg. Non Hidden Tracks. IT should be easy to Change that. When You follows my proposal to Cache search for planned Tracks there should be a Routine to exclude These Tracks from the search also and Just use the cashed search.



    Yes unfortunately the Android download manager is not up to the task. We been using the device download manager (its not actually DMD2 that downloads anything) but the system is proving to be very unreliable so we will make our own download manager from scratch to solve this and other issues that user been having.

    Just an idea: May I can download the Northern Germany & Italy Map via Windows PC directly to a MicroSD and then C&P it to the specific folder of DMD2 on my Carpe Iter? So I can avoid the Android Download Manager..


    Very good, thank you.
    With the new version, hiding the progress box when exiting navigation also works on my mi9.



    I’m having a similar issue on my Samsung Galaxy device and agree the restart button would be very helfull !


    I’m on a Samsung Galaxy Active Tab 2 and as such the app is runnig fine and I love all the new features! However i can’t no matter what i try get the option to store files and userdata on SD-card to be enabled.

    I’ve tried unmouting the SD, remounting it, formatting it on the tablet and on a pc. And it just won’t show the option for me to use the SD-card.

    Since the storage is limit on this older tablet I was really looking forward to this feature.

    Best regards


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