To make all DMD2 features work perfectly some special permissions are required. Here you can read about all the permissions required and why we use it.

  • Camera Permission – Requested when any feature includes adding a picture (example: Add picture to saved location)
  • Bluetooth Connect / Scan / Admin – For advanced handlebar BT Controller features
  • Internet – To download maps and any other online content
  • Network State – To check if you are connected to the internet
  • Location – Well… almost everything about this app is based on GPS location
  • Foreground Service – To allow you to start other apps and leave DMD2 services running (like Trip Information, GPX Record, etc)
  • Access Notifications – To read your notifications for the pop-up notification feature and the notifications list widget
  • Query All Packages – To display your installed apps in the apps view
  • Request Delete Packages – To be able to trigger app uninstall when you long press on any app in the apps view

App Privacy

We do not collect any user information, zero, nada! No statistics, no reports, no metadata, really… nothing…
Google Play Store might collect some crash information and report it to us, but it does not collect personal data.

The only personal information exception is not in the actual app but when you buy licenses for devices without Play Store, these licenses that are purchased in the Thork Racing website require you to setup an account just like on any online shop. And obviously to be able to invoice it we will use whatever data you provide.

Website Privacy

For this website to run we do need some cookies, plus, if you create an account to use the forum section we will store whatever data you provide.
But rest assured we do not share data with other company, at the moment we do not even use google analytics or any other analytics tool.