• Used by thousands of users worldwide
  • Can be setup as the default Android launcher
  • Highly configurable
  • Topographic offline maps for GPX navigation
  • GPX Recorder
  • Trip Information
  • App Launcher
  • OBD2 Sensors integration
  • PDF Roadbook
  • Compatible with CARPE handlebar controllers

Trusted by Manufacturers

Motorcycle Brands

DMD2 is the default software on multiple adventure motorcycles dashboards. We do customised versions for different manufacturers.

Navigation Hardware

Android based navigation hardware manufacturers, specialised in motorcycles, are using optimised / custom versions of DMD2 for their hardware.

Peripheral Devices

DMD2 integrates support for special motorcycle peripheral devices like handlebar remote controllers, OBD dongles, external GPS and much more.

DMD2 is built in a way that can be quickly adjusted for integrations with different needs. Either style and branding, features or specific hardware.

Ongoing Development

DMD2 is in constant development.

Our team is growing, our objectives are becoming bigger, our partnerships are increasing and all our users gain from it.

Either our direct end users or users who bought a motorcycle with a version of DMD2 pre-installed, everyone will have access to all the updates!

We are working on the next big DMD2 update! With a revamped UI and UX and many new features.

Our videos are not marketing videos, they are done by the actual developers and they are being made to show the progress of our project.

Community, Community and Community

DMD2 code (App, Backend, API) powers multiple projects, reaching more than 90 000 users

Through our AdvHub.net project we provide apps for adventure and off-road communities that maintain GPX tracks online.

These communities either use the DMD2 map engine, the backend we created to maintain tracks, waypoints, points of interest and track problem reports or the website creation platform we developed.

This means that we currently support more than 90 000 users, with some of them not even knowing the same team that brings you DMD2 is also involved in developing their favourite community app!

Follow Us, Get Involved!

Our team is active on all main social platforms and our app is built around many of the ideas provided by the community