What is it?

DMD2 is an Android app that can be run as a regular app or as your default home launcher.

It is aimed to transform any Android device into a dashboard for motorcycles, although it should work just as good in any other vehicle. Our special focus is Adventure and Off-Road.

The whole purpose of it is simplicity, minimize user interaction, number of clicks, swipes, simple dialogs and big buttons, only the required functions and options for riding. Because when you are on a motorcycle, riding, with your gloves on, having to play around with a touchscreen or having to go through lots of menus, with interfaces that were not done specifically for motorcycle use, it can become a nightmare.

DMD2 is built from the ground to perfectly integrate handlebar controllers, enabling you to control most features from your handlebar!

Made by riders for riders!

App Sections

DMD2 is divided by different sections, all of them accessible through a bottom menu. Some of this sections are totally free, others are paid plugins. You can check out all the different section bellow.


A highly configurable dashboard, where you can setup each section with different widgets, either DMD2 widgets or external widgets. Here you can concentrate all the relevant information you need.

Free App Section


A map screen optimised for adventure and off-road, includes topographic maps and many map options. Focused on managing, displaying, recording GPX files and providing many useful tools.

Paid App Section
10.00€ + Tax / 6 month or 19.00€ + Tax / 1 year (subscription)


Still a very common practice among adventure and off-road riders. Our digital roadbook allows you to load pdf files, setup 3 instrument panels with any value and control it all from the handlebar

Paid App Section
5.00€ + Tax – Lifetime (not subscription)

OBD2 Sensors

Connect your device to your vehicle with a Bluetooth dongle (Elm327 – we recommend the OBDLink LX) and get real-time data from your ECU.

Paid App Section
3.00€ + Tax – Lifetime (not subscription)

App Drawer

See all your installed apps, launch them or add them to favourites. Includes app filter where you can hide apps that you do not want to be displayed and sorting options.

Free App Section

Global Settings

These settings are the main app settings, they usually have an impact on the whole app. Themes and colors, screen options, localisation settings, notifications and more are all here.

Free App Section


What makes DMD2 so special? These are just some of the highlights for our app.

Highly Configurable Home Screen

Concentrate all the information that matters to you in a highly configurable home screen.

Get data from any app section displayed in beautiful widgets.

Navigation information, OBD2 sensors, Media Player, Apps shortcuts, everything on any of the available slots.

The two big panels rotate to allow 3 widgets per panel!

Each widget adapts to the slot size.

GPX is King

If you use GPX file for your adventures you will love DMD2!

A lot of the work done on the app is about features for GPX files. Although you can calculate a route and navigate with instruction on DMD2, for us, following a loaded GPX file is still the number one thing when we are talking about Adventure or Off-Road.

DMD2 offers you quick access to the functions you need, it shows you your progress in real-time, heading and distance to next waypoint and it can even search along the track for user selectable points of interest.

OBD2 Data Anywhere

Integrate your motorcycle OBD2 data with DMD2.

Display any OBD2 sensor, like engine temperature, RPM, throttle position and voltage, anywhere on the app.

Not only DMD2 has a full app section dedicated to OBD2 but you can also load the information on other sections of the app, even over the map, so that you always have access to the values you need, even when navigating.

Made to work with Controllers

DMD2 was developed from the start to be used with a remote controller.

Easily control the app from the handlebar, no need to touch the screen anymore!

Quickly change the app section, pan the map, zoom in or out, control the roadbook instruments and roll, its all at the distance of your thumb.

Not only DMD2 supports our DMD remote controllers (by BT and Cable) but we also support a series of controller developed by other companies!

Style it to match!

DMD2 is highly customisable, it is available in both dark and light themes and you can set your highlight / accent color too. This way you can match your vehicle colors for a better looking integration!

We listen to you!

Lots of DMD2 features exist because our community asked for it. We interact with our users as much as we can and through our forum, discord channel and even Facebook you can make suggestions, request new features and report bugs!