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    Hello, I had several times DMD not responding (crash) during my ride yesterday on the french/swiss border. It began with the arrow not moving correctly on the map, after a few minutes dmd2 crashed. If i stopped dmd2 it asked me to set dmd2 as homeapp. GPS fix was always ok. Driving home inside switzerland I had no problems. I had Swiss/French and Alps Maps activated. Does anybody have the same issue and what can be causing this? I have CI pad and dmd2 beta (latest update)

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    Some information about background power consumption. This has been tested with Beta Version 2.99923. I have the tablet on the bike all the time and screen turns on/off with the motorcycle’s ignition. So DMD2 is in the background all the time.

    Samsung Galaxy tab active 3 Android 13.

    Battery charged 100% and charging disconnected. DMD2 in foreground.
    MacroDroid script:  Charger disconnected => Display off => Tablet screen locked => Bluetooth off, Flight mode (wlan off, mobile data off).

    The tablet was not used for 3 days and 10 hours.
    The Android battery display shows DMD2 active 4 min and background usage 3d10h.
    DMD2 power consumption is the highest of all 6.6%
    Same set up but DMD2 closed and Google Maps left in the foreground before turning off the screen. Google’s power consumption is less than 1%.

    10 hour test (Flight mode and Bluetooth off):
    DMD2 in the foreground, screen off and locked, the battery drop is about 12%.
    DMD2 closed and Google Maps in the foreground, screen off and locked, the battery drop is about 4%.



    When you add a navigation from point A to point B the street names are hidden behind the blue line.

    João Pereira

    Beta 2.99925:
    -Address search and POI Manager are now merged – to access address search click the google old POI button and in the bottom you know have the “Type Address” button
    -Address search window now includes instructions
    -Topo Map Option now includes new “High Contrast” mode option
    -Map Layers Manager – Second option renamed to “Scale & Visibility” and now includes full map scale option (independent of zoom)
    -Fixed a bug where the planned route was being displayed over the “My Location” icon

    DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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    Hi, last versión crashes with DMD-T865.


    Same issue on my Tripltek T82 Tablet. Both Beta and standard version.


    Cleared app cache, still crashes on Xiaomi mi9.



    2.99925 Had to completely Reinstall on Carpe Iter 4b. Now IT IS running.

    Still the Problem with Auto Poi IT loads them for all gpx Files loaded into dmd2 regardeless whether they are aktive or Not.  Should be fixed soon.


    IT IS Not possible to load multiple Maps en Suite. Loading IS Stück so IT IS Not possible to do this unattended and Costs a Lot of time


    2.99925 Carpe Iter 4b crashing on start all the time. Have cleared everything and reinstalled Cache and memory keeps on crashing after second start.I could load Maps after New Install. After restart Crashes after showing configuration Page which was the Last I Had aktive

Viewing 10 posts - 441 through 450 (of 899 total)
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