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    Hi DMD team!

    Since the DMD-T865 and DMD-T665 are devices fully managed by your company and you control the firmware updates, is it possible to keep a record of the Firmware updates changelog like you are doing for the DMD2 app, in this thread or in a dedicated one?

    In the past 2 weeks I think I received 6 different firmware updates (1 major and 5 minor) on my T865 and I would very much like to know what was fixed, or what features were added or deprecated.

    I know these are Topicon custom manufactured devices based on their MDT865 and and MDT665 models, but Topicon does not publish their generic firmware changelog, as least to my knowledge and I assume based on the OS customization that you have a dedicated firmware where you control what features are released what is fixed and what is deprecated.

    Thank you!

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