You should be able to edit posts now. Yes the OBD2 view as always been intended to be a purchasable plugin from the start, it never was due to being very early development, which it seems still needs more work anyway. We never intended to have an app where users will use EVERYTHING, we want the user to buy only what he wants to use. Unless we can keep thinking of new features and new plugins it’s going to be really hard to make the app profitable at all. Also, if you do not use something you can just edit the bottom menu and remove the view entry. There are tons of other plugins we can develop, we even want to make a “empty” template to allow third party developers to develop and sell their own plugins. Our objective is to make the dashboard a kind of eco-system, where users will be able to buy or subscribe a series of different plugins to make the dashboard exactly what they wants or needs.

I see, fair enough, will be useful to have a pricelist on the dmd website. What about the icon issue, I remember that you own now a xiaomi phone? 😀


edit works now, thanks.

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