So John I have to correct myself .The problem is the user Interface is now inconsisten.Its a short click on obd page and a long click on Map view you should align this

Yup you are right I need to change this. Thank you for reporting.

Beta 2.99950: – When map is locked (with the touch screen lock settings enabled) other UI elements are hidden too

The idea is good. But, right now you remove bottom UI elements (menu) and show the same map area in increased screen space, which results in different aspect ratio. This is unpleasant, since eye catches this change (to prove my point: locking button is also a little bit distorted after reshaping of the map, not perfect circle anymore). In my opinion, aspect ratio of the map and zoom level should stay the same after locking, so you just show increased “map area” (a little bit), that fit to screen. Best!!

This one GREATLY depends on the device you are using… and to be honest this is going to be a tough one to solve… I will make some testing and see what I can do.

Hello John There is a question about the automaticaly searched for pois alongside a track. Are these pois measured as a direkt line which meanns the gas station could be on the other side of the mountain or is there a defined distance between track and poi so they are shown in the box or not. Are they around my actual position or allways in direction of the track i am following?

Basically we sweep the track, point by point, and at every 5Km interval (along the track) we do a 10Km radius search for POI (being the track point the center).
So a POI can be up to 5Km away from the track in straight line.
We can add options to allow the user to fine tune these values.

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