João Pereira

thanks for the super fast update as soon as it’s updated on the playstore i will try it

As I said in my last edit the bug you reported was not fixed in last update. It is now and will be pushed later today for todays beta update.

Hello John, I tried it yesterday again but still there is no movement of the degrees heading. It stands and it is not changing. Regards

I hope you understood it only works when you are actually using it on a car or motorcycle, you need to be moving at more than 3Km/h.
If it does not work thats a really bad sign, fortunately you can now debug the GPS updates, in the HOME screen click on the code wheel in the center and add to the left or right panel a widget called “GPS DEBUG” ride looking at it, it will tell you if the location updates are being accepted or ignored and why is it being ignored. I will make a tutorial about this soon.

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