João Pereira

Not sure you noticed but the OBDView only works for 15 minutes per session without the plugin purchase. If you restart the app the 15 minutes should be restarted. I just retested it on my car and it was working flawless. A) Are you sure there is no other app taking control of the OBD connection B) Have you tried changing all sensors to see if there is a particular sensor crashing the connection? For example make all sensors show coolant temperature. To change a sensor press and hold on top of it until a dialog pops-up.

Hi I have purchased the OBDview plugin – does not display the corresponding message (as the Mapview displays because I did not yet purchase it). A. Yes, I am sure. I do not have any ODB apps installed on my car’s headunit. B. I have changed all sensors that are changeable (except the rpm and the rpm graph from the bottom) and replaced them with fuel level (which should not be obd connected). It made no difference. I have then replaced the fuel level on all sensors with every other possible entry (throttle position, maf, pressure, intake air temperature, etc). Always the same value for rpm is displayed. As I select different entries, for each entry a specific value is always displayed (like 25 for coolant temperature, 16,7 for voltage) and this value never changes (when restarting the headunit, plug-out and plug-in the dongle, DMD2 restart). When the bluetooth icon in DMD2 lights up blue, I see the lights from the ODB dongle blinking green and signaling that is connected and sending data.

Can you tell me the exact dongle model and where I can buy one? Everyone seems to be reporting the OBDLINK is working perfectly, but I would really like to make sure other dongles work just as fine. I will get one and find out whats causing this really fast.

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