The setting was enabled, so I just rechecked, now with this last version (3.00016) I can see it again in top middle box, home view. It’s ok. BTW, very nice add-on with different location modes!! Zoom to active track and zoom to active GPX are super useful indeed. Good work! PS: please, invest time in keeping the changelog, if possible. It’s better when one knows what to test 🙂

Ahhh yes about the change log… im a bit lost here, this thread is DMD Beta Progress… but now we are out of the Beta and in Production.

I have not placed change log because the changes are now small stuff in production version (not Beta anymore).

Should i create a new thread for DMD2 Production? Or do i rename this Thread for “DMD2 Development” and we keep using this one?

What do you guys think?

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