This is a funny bug. The activation of the screen fix button produces different results on my miui 11t pro and my carpe iter. On both of them it is deactivated automatically after 20 seconds. But on my carpe iter android 11 the screen is fixed for 20 seconds the bottom icons and the most of the topscreen icons disappear and come back after 20 sec.on my 11t pro all the buttons on top remain the bottom buttons disappear the screen still is movable nd afzer 20 seconds the button returns to black and everything is back to normal the 11 t pro is android 13

I cant reproduce this at all. Is there any chance your devices are switching the app color theme? Because switch of the color profile restarts the whole app.

Hello John Can you please tell me why it is so difficult to fix the problem with the mapview. Its still not possible to keep the screen locked. If i lock it by pushing the button it opens up again after 20 seconds. I mentoned this and not me alone on several versions after 3.0. Why is it not possible to fix that. Still it is not possiböe to make a route calculation out of a track i mentioned this about a month ago same is true for the addition of the tracks in a gpx file its still wrong. I dont mind if you regard these bugs as not on top of the list items, but when there is no feedback on this i dont need to be a beta tester any more. There is no use of testing when there is no feedback. As anybody else mentioned I do not see the progress because there is no change report since 3 updates. I appreciate your work but why did you change your behavior

I cannot fix the map lock issue because i just cant reproduce it. Maybe someone can make a video showing what is happening?
I can convert tracks to calculated routes, no issue for me. But as it is a feature that is never going to be perfect and it was not designed for the reason people are using it im removing the feature and doing something else. People want instructions for GPX Tracks while riding, i will do something specific for that.

No more Map progress activity widget in upper middle box in home view? Ver 3.00013

It does show here, is the setting enabled in the map settings? You need to be on top of a file for it to show.

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