i do understand, …. but from my side …..

I licensed DMD2 software for my smartphone last year or the year before, at a time when it was not a subscription but a onetime payment and lifetime license (i remember 70€ for the maps and something for the software).

I liked it very much and thought, well buy the Carpe iter. At that time it said it is coming with a lifetime License for DMD2, it doesnt state it is also valid for the beta nor did it say it is valid for the beta. I bought the Carpe Iter in June, it came with DMD2 pre-installed (as you can see in the message from carpe iter). Now i am in the middle of, what seems to be a disagreement between DMD and Carpe Iter , me as a customer in the middle.

I dont think that i have done something wrong.

Can i migrate my smartphone licenses to the carpe iter to have that officially licensed? i like to support you guys, i am a developer myself, so i know that it is a lot of work that you are doing and i like the result. But i feel like not being handled nicely, sorry.

Sorry for the time you need to invest to help me

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