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DMD2 beta installed to Galaxy Tab 2 (active) App loads and runs – App – moved to external SD card and runs Maps will not load to external SD card, and option to store externally is in the menu, but does not work. Forcing via dev option does not work either Net result is Tablet runs out of space to run programs

Same here seems it depends on regulation by Samsung. That’s the Reason why i have to skip the Beta 🙁 Now i have to wait for a solution or go with the Active Tap 3 or with the T865 but 550 at much more than a used 2 ( which runs with the older DMD2) or a used Active 3

Odd i can install the D2D app, and run the app from the External SD card I can instally Spotify & all downloaded music 6+ Gb to the SD card and run it from there, I can install copilot & maps on the SD card and run from there Which suggests its not the tablet / OS that is the problem, more the app?

Well you can but any app built with latest Android API target wont be able to do that anymore… guess what, app developers have until the end of the current month to change the target API to the more recent one, if they dont the app will be removed from Playstore.
When a app targets latest API the app will no longer be able to use the External SD card with the old permissions and old File API… so its bye bye…

Beta 2.99947:
– Thread queue/scheduler finally finished (used on both GPX and Router related functions)
– Greatly improved stability on everything related to GPX and Route Calculation
– Fixed a bug where after changing the map scale the next time you open DMD there was white strips on the map
– You can now do Trip Reset in the Map Trip Widgets by doing long press on them
– Download Manager now will correctly check for the available space in the storage before downloading
– DMD-T865 / DMD-T665 / Non PlayStore devices, the app will now check periodically for updates (instead of only on app start)
– Dates format now take in consideration those dudes across the ocean
– Clock widget indicator now respects 24h on/off option
– Route Calculator Off-Road profiles will now try to avoid Footways / Pedestrian / Bridleways

Beta 2.99946:
– Router stability improvements
– GPX Real-time info stability improvements
– Fixed router voice instructions double unit
– Fixed a case where using Router UI Settings while no route was loaded caused a crash

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