João Pereira

Hello John you wrote that the thickness of the navigation routes have been reduced but you did it also to the tracks. I turned them to the thickest and everything is now way to thin in 2.99937. I would like to have seperate controls for tracks and routes .But in every cse the basis is now to thin. I think its nearly not usable in this way

Beta 2.99937: Fully agree, gpx tracks now are way to thin, even on thickest setting. Furthermore, changing gpx transparency results in frequent crashes, with gpx thickness set to max. Route icons control in settings is very good solution. Also, scaling hospital and peaks icons is perfect and intuitive now.

This seems to happen on phones that have both really high DPI and very wide.
I can reproduce this on my Samsung S22 for example.
I add a scale factor to it.

Navigation route line will soon also have its own options for thickness and transparency.


Beta 2.99938:
Improved UI Response
Improved Route Progress logic
Fixed a bug with route progress location detection
Fixed a bug with route progress finish detection

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