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Posted last week hi Just letting you know the beta version appears to be operating well on my triptek tablet One question, when choosing to navigate I’ve chosen for the app to ask me what method of navigation to use. When I choose other it defaults to Google. I’m guessing this is an Andriod App /default thing, but I want it to default to Gaia Maps instead. Can you advise on how I can do this please thanks David

Hummm I already replied to this like 5 times, not sure if here, discord, Facebook or email. Was almost certain one of my replies was to you.

When DMD triggers a request for navigation with external apps it tell the operating system: “YO! Mr. Android! Show me which apps can handle this link, please!”, then the Android operating system looks at all the installed apps manifest file and replies: “Ma, man, here you go, a list of all the apps that told me they could handle that!”. If you have a navigation app installed that is not showing up as an option to start navigation with then that means the app developer did not added in the app manifest that the app can handle it. The only way to fix that is by contacting the app developer and telling him to add in the manifest that the app can handle:

The intent link will be: google.navigation

Many apps support it already, some other apps forgot to declare it.

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