João Pereira

Hello John I use the 2.99933 but this Bug Spears since the Last about five releases. This is what I do. I have a Tour with 15 Tracks loaded. Only 2 Tracks are aktive. I have the Automaten pois in. When I scroll along the Tracks and Tap multiple Times about 4 0r 5 Times in different Locations in the 2 Tracks locking for places to stay over night dmd2 suddenly Crashes aß soon I Tap on the track next time. This is on a Carpe Iter 4b and on MIUI 11t pro.

Im on this but I cant reproduce. Do you think you can make a video to show how you are making it crash? Is the crash happening after files are fully loaded and auto POI loaded?

Hi John I was wondering if you could add a sign on the map that shows the speed limit of the road you are driving on? Also, is it possible to base the fuel range calculation on the OBD PID value for the odometer? The PID should be A6 in hex. This would be more acurate when you drive through tens of kilometers of tunnels or if you drive a distance without DMD2 on. BR Jesper

Almost no motorcycle I have seen is actually reporting the odometer values. I will check this and report back. There will be HUGE improvements in the OBD related functions. We bough a ECU simulator that I can use on my desk to simulate any connection mode, PID value, DTC, sensors, etc.

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