Hi John, Running the DMD2 Beta and just installed the Carpe ADV controller. Generally loving it, and definitely loving DMD2. I do have one question/issue? When I use the joystick to pan in map mode I have no idea how to return to regular mode (i.e. regular view centered on my location) In ‘regular’ map centered view I can use the top button (Enter) to toggle from Follow Me to North UP, etc. However once I enter pan mode, the enter key instantly brings up the ‘Long Press on Map’ dialog and there is no way to get back to regular map mode. I’m guessing there is a key press sequence to get out of panning mode but I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks

I have exactly the same problem but it may be user error that I do not know how to get around it or it could be an issue with the Adventure Controller

Would love to know the answer to that as well

After you enter the “panning mode” to disable just long press the last button in the controller (bottom button), long press the minus button is always “BACK or EXIT” You can disable panning mode in the Map Settings (cog wheel in the top right corner in the map), just click on “Disable Panning Mode Target”


Thanks John. Really appreciate all your work. App is amazing and getting better by the day.