apparently The keycode F5 seems to support continuous presses. The keycodes F6 and F7 don’t seem to support continuous presses. in roadbook mode When working with a PDF, pressing the button scrolls only once. You have to press the button each time. It’s a pain to press the button every time you want to look ahead in the PDF. Is this the specification? I want continuous operation just by pressing a button can you fix it? bar button galaxy tab active3 latest beta

Buttons are fully configurable in the Roadbook View settings (cog wheel in the roadbook view top right corner), you can literally set them to REPEAT or NOT, and even set the repeat speed!

Certainly there is a setting for continuous key presses in the load book settings,
F5 (button 1 of bar buttons) is valid.
This function is disabled for” F6″ and” F7″ (button 1 and button 2 of bar buttons).

Upon inspection, the DMD Roadbook’s
corresponds to button A
“Keycode EQUALS” &” keycode A” is valid
“F6 “is disabled

corresponds to button B
“keycode minus” &” keycode escape “&”keycode C” &” keycode Back” enabled
“F7” is disabled

Please check and fix.

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