2081 wrote:

I cant, for the love of god, reproduce any map download issue. Maybe this is some kind of device filesystem limit. Makes little sense to me though. Can you guys remind me what devices are you using?

Here a CI v3 is in use Edit: installed latest version 29916. It says “No maps installed – would you?” By acknowledging it prompts “starting layers manager” and I try to install German North map again (DMD2 is installed on MicroSD again) -> it always stops installation @48%

Do not use SD Cards, that tablet has plenty of storage, the Move to SD Card feature is broken in most devices. Plus, depending on how the SD Card is formatted you might get file size limits. The download manager in Android cannot even correctly write to SD Card (even on new devices with latest Android) its broken (nothing to do with DMD2). We actually added SD Card support in our DMD-T devices, but to achieve that we need to download the files to internal memory and only after that copy them to SD Card. Using SD Cards in Android is BROKEN…

Jip, was just for testing

Removed it, installed latest one locally, tried ialian and german map

Stopped downloading @42% / 48%