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    i have the DMD-T865 Nav Tab.

    but since yesturday, i also have the 99913 version. thanks.



    i am still waiting for the GPX record function 🙂


    Beta 2.99914:
    – Finished 7 Button Controller Scheme
    – Map Settings: New settings to enable or disable the Navigation dialog to select DMD2 or external app (if disabled it defaults to DMD2 always)
    – GPX Auto Load POI: You can now click on the auto loaded POIs in the map to call the POI dialog which will list all the POIs that were loaded for that GPX
    – Germany Map is now split into Germany-North and Germany-South
    – For controllers with more than 5 buttons we removed one extra click to switch between panel widgets in the Home view
    – Fixed a bug that would crash the app when you opened the POI Manager by clicking the POI button and then used the controller to browser it
    – Fixed a bug where the TOPO map was missing roads of type “Service”

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    First of all: Thanks a lot for your efforts.

    “And by the way, on non Beta its the exact same map file.”

    -> well in DMD “stable” 2.77 the German Map shows with 2.1 GB – whilst the discontinued one in Beta shows 3.86GB

    Are you on a good data connection and are you sure your device has enough storage space?

    -> jip. But even when using ethernet connection the download won´t work – now only the northern part (2.09GB) just stops downloading at 48%. Southern Germany (1.57GB) downloaded well.

    Storage is plenty (around 40GB). Maybe I can try to store it on a MicroSD as an alternative? I´m not sure what might be the reason



    I also have download issues. FOr several maps (Malaysia and Indonesia. Thailand etc) it just sits there after i click ‘download’ with circle spinning, but no progress at all

    I tried both via 4G and Wifi.



    The battery indicator at the top left *still* does not indicating charging when I use a wireless charger (QuadLock wireless charger v3). Yes, the battery charge does increase over time, but there is no flash icon showing the state


    “Maybe I can try to store it on a MicroSD as an alternative?”

    Alright, used a Sandisk 64GB MicroSD now. Freshly formatted and installed 29914 on the MicroSD. Germany-North Map stopped installation again at 48% (always at this point) – I´ve made a Video of this behaviour also …

    Same behaviour with Italy map which is also >2GB. Confusing…


    Hi John,

    I’m still waiting to get DMD2 beta licenced on my AJP 2021 tablet. A few weeks ago you made some kind of expectation that you will implement this on the Beta. Is it still on your list?

    Greeting, Richard


    Isn’t the version on the AJP proprietary?


    On the newer models its installed by google store on a 8″tablet from Samsung. DMD2 production version has an extra function in the setting to check the licence for the device. For now I don’t see this option in the current beta.

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    Ok, it was my understanding looking at the AJP site that it comes preinstalled and connects through OBD on my 23 model being built?


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