The battery indicator at the top left *still* does not indicating charging when I use a wireless charger (QuadLock wireless charger v3). Yes, the battery charge does increase over time, but there is no flash icon showing the state

Fixed for today update.

Hi John, I’m still waiting to get DMD2 beta licenced on my AJP 2021 tablet. A few weeks ago you made some kind of expectation that you will implement this on the Beta. Is it still on your list? Greeting, Richard

Sorry we do need to sort this with AJP first… give me more time, I will try to book a meeting with them.

Also. with the new map i found that FUEL stations are always shown as POI highlights? I also had Hospitals show up (but there is no selectable switch under the POI highlight settings)? I then turned on food and found restaurants turned uop, but when i disabled that, they were not removed again Similarly for ATMs. A few reloads later, some of those highlights disappeared again. It all seems a but haphazard what highlights are shown. Fuel should also be a selectable type of highlights.

Will add fuel stations and hospital soon. But I dont thing people understand this functions.
This function does not enable or disable those POIs, it just makes them visible on lower zoom levels, for example.
Typically an ATM would probably only be visible at Zoom level of 50m, if you enable them as “highlighted” they get visible as low as around 500m Zoom.
The typical offroad riding, is probably around 200m to 100m zoom level, where almost no POI would show up, by making them “highlighted” they now will show up for sure.

I managed to download the maps again. took a long while and lots of tries a) i found that in the Android notifications it shows ‘n files being downloaded’ there is some of of progress meter, while the one in DMD2 shows nothing for a long while, but later kicks in b) some maps consist of several files )map, route file (n), where n seems to count down from some number to 1?) maybe a poi file. Makes it hard to see if it completing soon c) it seems that updating a map deleted the prior version of the map in local storage , so that if that download fails one lost the prior version also. It really should download the files to temp storage and then link/move them in place only if complete/verified?

“Maybe I can try to store it on a MicroSD as an alternative?” Alright, used a Sandisk 64GB MicroSD now. Freshly formatted and installed 29914 on the MicroSD. Germany-North Map stopped installation again at 48% (always at this point) – I´ve made a Video of this behaviour also … Same behaviour with Italy map which is also >2GB. Confusing…

I cant, for the love of god, reproduce any map download issue. Maybe this is some kind of device filesystem limit. Makes little sense to me though. Can you guys remind me what devices are you using?

Currently on an 8-button controller, F5 (presumably keycode back) and F7 (presumably keycode escape) are both button B in the load book mode setting. Would it be possible to assign each of these to a different button? With the bar buttons in the certification. Button 2 and button 4 are the same. In the load book mode setting 1 up 2Bottom 3left 4Right 5Enter 6Enter long press 7Button A 8Button B But, Since there are 8 buttons One more button is needed for F5 or F7. map mode, the F7 zooms out F5 is ? I know that it is.  Latest Beta galaxy.tab active3 barbuttons

I have not finished controller support for new schemes in the Roadbook view, give me a bit more time please!



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