João Pereira

hello thanks for the 99913 update. i have the 99912 installed and the app will find the update, download it and install it (without any errors). after that i start the app, but its still the 99912 version and the update will found again….download…install…. this is an endless loop.. do you know that strange situation ?

What device? Sometimes it takes a some time for CloudFlare cash to clean, if you do it now does it work?

Hi again Is the app compatible with a 4-button controller? I’m contemplating on making a 4-button controller. What would you recommend, programming the HID device to send different keypresses based on the length of the press, so each button has a long press and a short press HID code? Or should each button only have one key code each, and just send the key pressed down and key released events, and let DMD2 handle the key press length? BR Jesper

Sorry but no, it’s going to be really hard to make everything work with 4 buttons only, minimum is 5. There is no long press either, DMD2 only gets key dow and release events, long press are handled by DMD2 internally.

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