yes. in the current beta version
input long press
Button A
button B
i know i have a quota

If you want to change the physical button layout of the remote buttons.

for example
If you ride standing up,
I want to place the map feed button in a position that is easy to press with my thumb.
My guess is that carpter will part ways and their Bluetooth remotes will receive DMD certification.

However, among them, I expect that there are actually easy-to-use button layouts and difficult-to-use button layouts.

You can assign the KEY setting of PISTE ROADBOOK to any place you like.
This is a very useful feature.
Try it yourself.
I believe that it can be implemented by breaking up with carpter.

Roadbook settings only
I think you can also assign keys in the DMD settings.

This implementation will make it easier for remote control manufacturers to obtain DMD certification.