I ran a Roadbook rally over the weekend and one thing that is would be nice to have is a MPH on the rally screen. Maybe I’m missing something. Otherwise it worked well. I’m running the Beta version Thanks for a great product! Ken

Bottom menu click on the cog wheel (global settings) there you can change to Imperial units which will change everywhere in the app.

Asked it weeks before, will the clocktime in roadbookview back before the first zweiradrallye starts in two weeks?

A clock showing current time (hours, minutes, seconds) or a counter, because there is already a counter there…

Installed the demo on my “old”Galaxy Note 8 phone, now dedicated to running DMD2 on my motorcycle. I love the new layout and functions! One question, where can I find the settings for screen brightness in the demo?

You cant it was removed, most phones have the auto brightness that work really well, plus its hard to manage brightness when all manufacturers have different implementations.

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