If I select Navigation Mode, I am asked if I want to use DMD2 or an External App, and if I select External App, Google Maps is automatically loaded. Is there a menu item or process where I can set which External App I want to use (instead of Google Maps) ?? For the record, I have DMD2 2.995 on a Galaxy Tab A SM-T510 running Andriod 11.

Thats actually not related to DMD2, thats just how Android works, a dialog will show if you have multiple navigation apps installed AND you dont have one set by default, if you indeed have multiple apps and you want the dialog to show again just clear the app defaults in the Android settings > Applications.

I am not sure if it is a Google thing or a Samsung thing, but on my Samsung J16 phone (Android 5.1.1) there is an option for setting the default app for Navigation, but on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 510 (Android 11) and my Samsung A30 phone (Android 12) there is no longer any menu option to set the default navigation app.

I have 3 navigation apps installed ( G/Maps, G/Waze and iGo ).  All 3 have permission to access “Location” and all 3 are not set as a “default app”,  yet DMD2 sees Maps & Waze (both Google apps), but does not see iGo.

This is not a “show stopper” for me as the current DMD2 “in-built” navigation is adequate to get me from Town A to Town B, 150 kms down the highway, and I can switch to a more dedicated navigation app for in-city travel, if needs be.

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