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Hy, some questions Ideas for cleaning Would it be possible to keep fields empty ? For example if i use the apps there are 6 possible apps to use but if i got only 3 the plus’s is always there so if i’m in a hurry i pull not the app just the plus and Invisible for unused place is maybe better to understand. Also on the home screen: If i just wanna use left the map and right the apps i wanna hide the other … if a side is not filed it’s Invisible Navigation : will there be an option to search by name: For example im at home and want to go to a village ( type the name ) an in a perfect world get an point to point offroad ( i know it will be able in a couple of days )

There is much work to do on the home and widgets, but for now a bit more focused on the map, after that we will resume work on the home.

You can already search a village by name since you can go to POI and there there is even a category called “Cities, Towns and Villages”, you can use the “Type Name” button for that.
For point to point, you can long press anywhere on the map to a dialog will show, there you can select “navigate”, although no offroad profile is available yet, coming soon….


If I select Navigation Mode, I am asked if I want to use DMD2 or an External App, and if I select External App, Google Maps is automatically loaded. Is there a menu item or process where I can set which External App I want to use (instead of Google Maps) ?? For the record, I have DMD2 2.995 on a Galaxy Tab A SM-T510 running Andriod 11.

Thats actually not related to DMD2, thats just how Android works, a dialog will show if you have multiple navigation apps installed AND you dont have one set by default, if you indeed have multiple apps and you want the dialog to show again just clear the app defaults in the Android settings > Applications.


Hello John Installed 2.996 System Crashes multiple Times. Dont know the reason What IS New. Did Not find the map language Option. Poi search es are now incredible fast. Very good

Im looking at the logs available in the Play Store to try to see what can cause the crash, no one else reporting that either. Does it crash while doing something specific?


Hello I want you to be able to adjust the total distance and partial distance with the + and – buttons in Roadbook mode. it’s on the screen. It is best to select total or partial in the setting and set display / non-display. It can be used when the remote control fails. Entering numbers is impractical during a real rally.

You want me to add a plus and minus buttons in the dialog or in the actually Roadbook layout?

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