João Pereira

I’m on 2.95 and Carpe Iter. I have a little issue with maps, perhaps it is me, but I need your help. When I open a map (eg Morocco), I can clearly see the main roads; if I zoom in a bit, they totally disappear, only many minor tracks are present, and it is impossible to use the map (IMO, this should not happen); if I zoom in much further, some provincial roads reappear (R and N roads), but by then we lost the complete picture and it is hardly usable. It is very confusing. Is it just me? What am I doing wrong?

Nop thats not the correct behaviour, stuff disappear when you zoom OUT and not when you zoom in.
If any road disappears when you zoom IN then something is wrong with your map, probably that was an incomplete map download, try delete it and download again.
If it still happens please make a video so i can try to reproduce it myself.

I really struggled to see the map with the beta. The dark mode has dark silver roads on a black background, and the light mode has off-white roads in a white background. It’s almost impossible to use. And if you zoom out everything but the highway markers disappears. On a positive note tracks are easy to import and show up neon green. Super easy to see and follow. Can’t tell what road I’m on, but I know which way to turn! One other thing, where is the settings for the tablet to automatically turn itself back on when power is applied? It turns off right now when I turn off the bike, which is great. But it doesn’t turn back on when I start to bike.

I assume you have a CARPE Tab? If so the power options can be found in CARPE Manager app – Power & Charge.

Regular map is not intended for pathfinding, its mostly a Google Maps style clone for those who enjoy that type of “clean map”, you should probably try the Topo / Offroad map, to change the map type to to Layers Manager (The last round icon from the top left icons in the map view), then look for “Map Type”.
The Topo map also includes a good deal of adjustment.

I want report another ODBLink LX / DMD2 connection stuck issue. Beta 2.95 + ODBlink LX + Yamaha Tracer 9 GT + Samsung Active 3 + DMD2 default launcher. OBDlink LX can be in sleep or wake mode. The motorcycle is turned off. Samsung is put into standby mode / screen off. Start motorcycle and Samsung. The DMD2 bluetooth icon remains red and values are stuck (see photo below). Samsung own settings shows that ODBLink is paired. DMD2 and ODBLink BT do not connect. Re-pairing ODBlink/Samsung does not solve connection problem. Only Samsung reboot will connect ODBlink and DMD2. The same happens if DMD2 is not the default launcher. Then BT reconnection can be done by restart the DMD2 application.

When you say that the Samsung tab is in “sleep mode” is it in sleep mode with DMD2 running (either in the background or foreground)?

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