Joao Pereira

Hi John, In the map overlays you have the option of highlighting poi icons on lower zoom levels. You can high light like pubs, camping, restaurants, etc… The option of a gas station is missing. On a trip for me fuel, food and sleep are most important :-). Would be nice to see where gas stations are when seeing an overview of the track for the day. Greetings Richard

Gas Station and peaks are enabled by default. But please notice its still requires some level of zoom, if you zoom out too much they will also disappear, there is no way to handle all that map data on lower zoom outs, if we keep increasing those the map will soon be VERY slow.

Hello John No the multiple Listings are still there in 2.93. ibteied about half of the Options allways 3 fold displayed Poi in one Option 6 times I am using a Carpe Iter newest version which IS on Android 9 I use the integrated music Player and Player pro both of them dont Change title fw or Bw and dont stop with the widget

The version I was talking about is actually 2.94 which is live now.

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