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2.89 Samsung Active tab 3 ODBLinkLX No more this connection/stuck issue. “Wake up Samsung Tab and DMD2 is on the screen. ODBlink wakes up automatically and BT connection seems to be ok. Switch ignition on, start engine. RMP shows 4163, voltage 0.0, coolant 25c, throtle 25%. Values ​​are every time same and stuck, no change.” If I try to change Android External Widget it crashes DMD2.

Awsome, will check the widget change, does that mean you can setup the widget once but it crashes only when its set and you want to change it to something else?

Hello, album in mediaplayer not shown and I can not stop music (VLC). I can skip forward and backwards. Volume can be changed also. Redmi Note 11 and 2.89 Regards Thomas

Can you try another media player like Spotify just to be sure if it is related to VLC?

Actually. it does show the lightning when charging via USB-C, but not when charging wirelessly (I have the Quadlock wireless charger)

Ok then I will bring my wireless charge base to work and see if we can implement that too.

2.89 here on Carpe Iter Pad Is it possible to load a GPX from an external source like GoogleDrive directly? Or does it always have to be downloaded separetly and then load it from internal drive?

Yes, when you click to open a file the explorer will have a left menu, it’s the same on any device since it is a stock android thing. If you open the file explorer left menu and you have Google Drive installed you will see a Google Drive entry in that left menu, just click there. 🙂

Same issue on my no-name Chinese obd dongle. It can connect to the dongle, but its stuck at exactly the same values – RPM shows 4163, voltage 0.0, coolant 25c, throtle 25%.

I guess I will have to buy a bunch of dongles to try them out.

When in mapview, you can adjust the color of every track in a gpx-file individually. Is there a simple way to set the color of all tracks in a single GPX? So you can have all tracks af file XXX.GPX in red, and all tracks of YYY.GPX in blue for example?

I never considered this, will add to the Todo List

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