Using beta 2.84 for 1st time, as my primary interest is in Africa navigation, I noticed that many country maps are still missing. After an initial review: Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Benin, (maybe the last 3 are under West Africa), South Sudan, Sudan and surprisingly Egypt. Furthermore, after checking Morocco+Mauritania, I noticed that the town names are in Western name/Greek/Arabic, but prevalently Arabic. It is very confusing. There should be an option in Setting for choosing, e.g. “Western only”. I also tried to select Off Road Topo in Map Style, but nothing changes in the layout with or without Reset.

I am absolutely sure all maps are included but maybe some countries are bundled together, I will check and correct names. Choosing map language is already in the todo list, will try to fix that!

I managed to download beta 2.88 on the Carpe Iter.

For Morocco and Mauritania the names are still in Western name/Greek/Arabic. Did you change anything yet on that regard?