The battery icon at the top left could use a modification that shows when the phone is charging

It does show when it is charging, there is a lightning bolt type of icon on top

It didn’t show a lightning bolt for me, even though the battery level did go up. I’ll try again,. maybe it was in the last updatethat dropped for me last night?

I tried connecting to my OBDLikMX+ today. but it was very intermittent. AT the beginning it seemed to cycle through all protocols continuously, sometimes showing RPMs etc for a few seconds, then it switched to another protocol/setting etc. and it never stopped doing that., nor is there an indication which protocol setting worked when, so that one could fix them and not have to live through that every time. It would be useful to have log showing with what protocol/settings it worked best and/or what did not work

There is no protocol switching going around. If you are able to put your phone in developer mode and get logcat then we can talk and I will tell you how to exactly debug it. Usually just installing Android Studio, plug your phone and allow debugging and you can see the logcat in real time

Hmm. ok, because it was in auto, and the BT icon went on and off many times, and then sometimes it showed data, and then switched off again and then didn’t

I do have TorquePro installed, and that is rather stable when connecting to the OBD[/quote]