João Pereira

Sometimes the control buttons are disapearing after change to an app and Go back to dmd2.

We are aware of this, im trying to get a device where this happens so I can try to reproduce.

And I am confused about the beta. when I click a point on the map and select ‘navigate’ it asks me what external navigation app I wan t to use. a) it doesn’t offer me Calimoto as an option (just Waze, OsmAnd, Komoot and Locus in addition to Google). And if I select Waze, that takes over the whole screen. How is that helpful? I thought DMD2 would have its own routing, or allow showing whatever routing app in a window (which would then not need a DMD owned map)?

We already have turn by turn but we have not released it yet, we are working on user interface, it will soon be available.

Hello, just tried it in car. Gps accuracy was good. Map is sometimes not moving and then jumps to the current location. Trip speed average is 150 km/h but real speed is never over 85 km/h due to the speed limit in Finland. Can imagine that this behaviour on a track is irritating. regards Thomas version 2.86 blackview bv5200 pro android 12

This is better on version 2.87, and should be even better on 2.88 when it comes out (later today).

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