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Using beta 2.84 for 1st time, as my primary interest is in Africa navigation, I noticed that many country maps are still missing. After an initial review: Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Benin, (maybe the last 3 are under West Africa), South Sudan, Sudan and surprisingly Egypt. Furthermore, after checking Morocco+Mauritania, I noticed that the town names are in Western name/Greek/Arabic, but prevalently Arabic. It is very confusing. There should be an option in Setting for choosing, e.g. “Western only”. I also tried to select Off Road Topo in Map Style, but nothing changes in the layout with or without Reset.

I am absolutely sure all maps are included but maybe some countries are bundled together, I will check and correct names.
Choosing map language is already in the todo list, will try to fix that!


Setup: DMD2 Beta2.84 + Samsung Galaxy Active 3 + ODBlink LX + Yamaha Tracer 9GT 1. Use case: ODB reading issue. I Start point: ODBlink LX in sleep mode. Ignition off. Samsung tab in sleep. II Wake up Samsung Tab and DMD2 is on the screen. ODBlink wakes up automatically and BT connection seems to be ok. Start engine. RMP shows 4163, voltage 0.0, coolant 25c, throtle 25%. Values ​​are every time same and stuck, no change. If I turn off the engine and restart again everything works smoothly and the values ​​change (rpm, voltage etc.). Or if I reboot DMD2 ODB reading start works also. This happened only if ODBlink is on sleep mode in the begining. 2. 3D view of the map worked just after installing Beta2.84, but stopped working yesterday. (the license was ordered with DMD2 normal version about a week ago).

Will try to reproduce that.
There is no 3D maps… not sure what you are talking about. Maybe you mean perspective map?? If so press the follow location button until it turns into a compass, then use two fingers at the same time and drag the map up or down to set the tilt.
Also, about the licenses, if it was not licensed you would have a popup box saying it was not licensed so it is not related to license.


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