johnkeel wrote:I managed to somehow make it display the correct RPM. I have to follow these steps: -all slots for sensors are set to fuel level. Only rpm is displayed. Don’t know if it makes a difference, but did not try another way. -plug the dongle and start the engine; -DMD2 starts and in a few seconds connects to the dongle – the Bluetooth icon in DMD2 turns blue and a fixed value for rpm is shown, always the same value, something like 4xxx. The dongle lights green and the green lights twinkle, as it would communicate/exchange data. – with the engine running I quickly unplug the ODB dongle, the Bluetooth icon in DMD2 turns red, and then plug ODB dongle back in again. The Bluetooth icon in DMD2 turns blue for a few seconds, then red again, then blue, and stays blue. Now the rpm value is displayed properly and responds to the gas pedal. -if I exit DMD2 or restart the android device, I have to redo the whole procedure.

Version 2.82 (03/02/2023) – Made some changes in the OBD Service to attempt to keep some slower dongles to fail the autoconnect

I have updated to 2.82 and indeed it takes a bit more to connect to the dongle. Unfortunately, my the procedure described above does not work anymore. When I plug unplug then quickly plug-in again, it takes more time for to bluetooth icon to become blue, it stays blue but same non-moving values are displayed (no more short blue, short red then blue and then proper values displayed).