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    Hi John, I just saw this remark on another topic, stating you are waiting for a Google permission to post the solution on the playstore. While you have sorted this for your own T-xxx hardware devices.

    I would not mind at all to install .apk’s outside the playstore.  Isn’t there an option you.provide the solution as an .apk solution, so we do not depend on Google for now?

    Thanks for your work and respons.

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    Hey there, I’m also having similar issues.

    I have the DMD T-865 and have installed a 128gb SanDisk Xtreme microSD (though I also tried the one that came with the tablet, and another 64gb SanDisk SD card I have).

    Running the latest Android Firmware: v12, 5th June 2023

    Running latest DMD
    1 – Installed micro SD card.

    2 – Entered Android Settings > Storage

    3 – Selected the SD card > format

    4 – Launched DMD2

    5 – See a screen where DMD says, “Waiting for SD card to Mount”. This screen stays on indefinitely; after 5 minutes, it was still there.

    6 – Hit Abort and switch to Internal Storage.

    7 – Go to settings and enable SD card storage.

    8 – Go to maps > download > select region (Europe in this case) > select a map > hit Download

    9 – App crashes “DMD2 has stopped.”


    I’m not sure what else to try, I see no option in the Android storage settings to set it as Internal Memory.



    General consensus is that Android is terrible at managing SD card storage. There seem to be a number of issues around trying to use it. The recommendation has been to simply not use it. This seems to be an android issue, not a DMD2 issue.


    See my link 2 events back. John Keel wrote this some time ago:

    [email protected]

    Ah thanks. I didn’t realise that was a link. Hopefully Google hurries up.

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