Certified Hardware

DMD2 certified hardware is a free certification for manufacturers.
For the user it means that for each new feature that we develop, we will always manually test it for compatibility with the hardware

From the device manufacturer we ask for the same, for each device firmware or app update the manufacturer needs to allow us to test it first before release.

We also have minimal requirements to make sure the device matches the specific needs for our app focus: motorcycle navigation (available at the bottom of this page).

The hardware can be an Android device, an handlebar controller, OBD dongle, external GPS systems, etc.

Although the DMD2 team does not manufacture hardware we are working closely with manufacturers to give as much input as possible, making sure the device performs perfectly on your motorcycle and is 100% compatible with all the DMD2 features.

Although all links currently point to our Thork Racing shop there is NO requirement that we have to sell it. We are just trying to create a solution to make everyone happy. We believe that with a list of certified devices our users get an answer to a common question “What is the best X product to use with DMD2?“, we are able to test DMD2 in more hardware to increase compatibility, and the manufacturers that can do resell prices get a platform that helps them sell more, while we, by selling the products, get a source of income to finance the development of DMD2. Win-Win.

Handlebar Controllers:

DMD Remote 1

The official DMD remote controller, works both by Bluetooth or cable (with our DMD devices), perfect for any use case.

ARN Remote PRO

Rally style design with big buttons and two-way switch, fine tuned to support all DMD2 features with ease.

ARN Remote Box

Convert an analog controller like the ones from F2R and RNS to a BT controller fully compatible with DMD2!

SilverFox B8J

Fits to handle bar of diameter 22 mm. Design to leave room for buttons on front side of the original light console.


Control Android apps using the BMW Wonderwheel and get real-time data from the motorcycle sensors.

Remotek One

A small and battery powered controller that will allow you to control DMD2 and easily swap it between motorcycles.

JAXE BarButtons

Available in DIY kit or fully ready. Big buttons, lots of big buttons, supports all DMD2 features and some other apps.


A controller with joystick and three big round buttons. Simple and intuitive! Full control for all DMD2 functions.


Rally style design with big buttons and two-way switch, fine tuned to support all DMD2 features with ease.


With 8 total button functions (3 big buttons plus joystick with push), all DMD2 functionality from your thumb!


Rally style design with big buttons and two-way switch, fine tuned to support all DMD2 features with ease.


The required conditions to certify a device for DMD2.

  • Must be water-proof
  • Must be vibration and dust resistant
  • Offer motorcycle specific fixation
  • In case of controllers they need to follow DMD2 implementation guide-lines
  • Must offer a means to charge on the motorcycle 12V or a long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Must gather features that makes it useful for our users and have some sort of interaction with DMD2