João Pereira

Hi The new version looks really good! I noticed an error while loading maps. When I select Italy or Greece from the quick selection it loads the Balkans and Austria map. From the download menu it goes without problems.App. v. 2.80 Samsung Tab Active3 Android 13

EDIT: This is still not working correctly… I will fix this tomorrow…

Version 2.81 (02/02/2023)
– Added support for all CARPE Controller (support will be improved for older controller) – Requires updated Carpe Controller app (released today too)
– Fixed a bug in Roadbook stats window where the current open filename would not always display
– Fixed a bug in Map Layer Manager – Loading and Unloading maps from the list would load wrong maps

Also started working on the information pages:
Getting Started: https://www.drivemodedashboard.com/getting-started/
Permissions & Privacy: https://www.drivemodedashboard.com/permissions-information/

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