João Pereira

Hi guys, I am new to all this. Owning a Garmin Treat XL and want to get DMD2 on that thing. I was able to install the APK, however I am unclear how to contribute financial wise to the project and purchase the maps plugin or the roadbook plugin. Of course there is no registration to the google playstore on the Treat and thus I can not register. Is this something which will be added later? Can I use a Android tablet now to play aroound with it also with the paid features and transfer this license later to the APK on the treat? Great stuff you did. Thank you.

Actually not true! Read the first post. You can manually install the APK for the Beta: http://drivemodedashboard.com/DMD2BetaLatest.apk

The latest version allows you to buy licenses from Thork Racing website, just click on “Buy Plugin”. Let me know if you have any doubt!

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