João Pereira

Installed dmd2 Beta in my Phone. in the normal licence I have all Features because I use also a Carpe Iter. After Installation of the Beta i was Not allowed to use Maps road book and opd2 any more.So I decided to leave beta.but anyways I cant Install the legacy Version any more.I allways get the Beta.Please help

I forgot to say that I therefore left the Beta test.but Google seema Not to Register that.It nots me aß left Beta but installs Beta anyways

That is not how it works. The CARPE Tabs are licensed for DMD2, not your google account. So yes, in any CARPE Tab you will have DMD2 fully unlocked but it is not tied to your user account, its unlocked ONLY on the CARPE Tab.
In your phone to leave the Beta first go to play store, search for DMD2, click on it, scroll down and click on “Leave Beta”. Now uninstall DMD2 and install it again.

I see, fair enough, will be useful to have a pricelist on the dmd website. What about the icon issue, I remember that you own now a xiaomi phone? 😀 edit works now, thanks.

As I write this message im creating this super, mega, never seen before, pages that will have all the information about DMD2, we are talking about MAXIMUM detail including videos for everything!!!

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