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I have been using since some time now a generic ELM327 dongle (which looks identical to this one) to connect DMD2 with my car’s ODB system. The setup used to work on all my devices: a Pixel 4, a Blackview BV9900 phone, and the generic android headunit in my car. DMD2 was connecting to the dongle and getting rpm, throttle position, voltage, and other values. After installing the beta, the OBD part in DMD2 appears to be stuck and always reporting the same values on all devices – can provide pics, but for some reason I can not attach them to this post. Unplugging and replugging the dongle did not help, restarting the android devices did not help. Selecting manually various ISO_15765_4_can…. protocols did not help. As I remember, for some protocols DMD was cycling between connected and disconnected and no data was displayed. Dont remember which one, but if it is important and do some tests and be more careful. The static data from the pics is displayed when the protocol is set to auto and is consistent throughout the day – several car engine starts, headunit restarts and dongle unplugs and replugs. The dongle still works using other ODB apps. Can provide a pic of the protocol used by other apps to talk with the dongle. I think that is a problem in how the beta reads the data from the dongle. I would be happy to provide feedback that would help solve the issue.

Thank you for your support. Indeed all development was done using the OBDLink LX and we tried to squeeze the maximum possible speed from it. This is either a bug with too much speed, or a command killing it like the new voltage command (which is optional), or even a bug with the License system, can you tell me for around how much time it works before getting stuck?

Btw the OBD View code as been the same for more than 6 months, on all my testing in the car and motorcycle it’s been working flawless, rock solid, so maybe I screwed something when I added the license code yesterday. Will test it tomorrow first thing.

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