João Pereira

Hi, thankyou for your efforts and good work! playing around with the beta i noticed a few points: – will it be possible to hide upper and lower bars? – media widget not showing album cover (apple music/spotify) – will obd section become more settings/options (as in the current stable version) – is it possible to set the download path for offline maps (eg to an sd card)? Thankyou! Ben

Yes it will be possible to hide bottom menu on almost all views, still deciding about top bar :p

Weird on the media widget, tested on almost 10 different devices, all show album cover with Spotify. What Android version? I remember older Android devices do not support that indeed.

Yes OBD will have A LOT more features, more sensors, store max and min daily values, data logging, warnings setup, and much, much more.

Yes we will add not only an option to set map path but also an option to even load custom map files (from a list of supported file types).

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