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Thank you for answering. That is my temperery solution (DMD2 launcher). The problem is that I use the phone in my not driving bike life to, and then the DMD2 launcher is not the best for that. I now use Bixby to switch launcher via a 3rd party app but it´s not perfect. I can´t press back in Locus to go to DMD2 cause Locus profile use longpress bottom button to recalculate route. An other solution is if I longpress middle bottom and select home. If home where DMD2 instead of my launcher. Or if in longpress middle bottom had an option for DMD2. Is that an option to set home in lonpressmenu as DMD2? Or if Locus profile go back to DMD2 profile when leaving Locus? //Peter

The problem with the controller is that it is a service, and a foreground service is NOT allowed to launch any application so this is a hard case to solve.

In theory we could make some sort of “empty” launcher, which would be just a screen with two big buttons like LAUNCHER 1 and LAUNCHER 2, then you could setup launcher 1 as your default launcher and launcher 2 as DMD2.

We could spice this empty launcher with some rules like: “If controller connected – launch DMD2 on home press” (in this case you wouldn’t even see the empty launcher it is instant. And another rule “If controller is not connected – launch default launcher”

Is this easy to understand?

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