Joao Pereira

Hi, are those in new version also? Could you show how rev warning and gear display works? Have in consideration to replace modified Daytona 955i 2005 dash with this, oil warninglight will be bright led but all other info in dmd via obd… Any toughts having this as only dash? Thanks Harri

I merged with this topic since you seem to be asking about stuff for the next update (new version).

You can setup the Max RPM and the RPM where the red line starts. For now that is it.
We have removed any gear indicator because in motorcycles it is just not reliable (when we use calculated methods), hopefully we will be able to add OBD PIDs for Gear (for motorcycles that support this).

As for having this as a dash it will depends on whatever your motorcycle outputs… altough im afraid a 2005 motorcycle will not output anything… I doubt that motorcycle is even fuel injection…

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