I dont think there is analog to OBD, I do know there is analog to BT. Basically a device that captures analog voltage and sends it over BT, then the app developer can “read” those values. We are actually developing such device, it will feature X amount of inputs for reading sensors like (Fuel Level, Voltage, etc), plus On/Off switches. This will allow you to not only read sensors but also control hardware from your DMD2 app, like use the on/off switch to turn on and off lights, ignition, whatever… Top secret stuff for now 😛

Long time been using the DMD, and from when ODB2 option was included, I’m wrecking my brain thinking if there is a way to connect the DMD to an old (carburetor) bike, at least to have on the DMD “dash”: Temps, RPMs, volts and others if possible!!!

This is great!!! Now I have some hopes! THANKS!