Ver 3.00048

Small bug: when the gpx is loaded and you are a bit away from the track, line to closest track point is present in the map view (if enabled), as it should. But, if I delete that gpx, line to closest point is still present for some time on the map, pointing to where the closest point of the deleted track previously was. Making no sense 🙂 .


New feature requests (if possible):

1. Remote controller feature: when the screen is unlocked, long press on remote’s OK button brings you to lower menu (where you can skip from, let’s say, map view to home view). But, it doesn’t work when the screen is locked. So, if I am in the locked map view and I want to skip to locked home view, I have to: unlock, long-OK, skip to home view, lock again. Is it possible to enable “long-OK” in screen lock mode too? So I can skip directly from locked map view, to (ideally locked!) home view. I am using Hesanav remote, but I think it is the same with every controller. Long-OK can’t be accidentally pressed, so this feature will not have unwanted side effects, I think.

2. Is it possible to have scale option for the Track progress info box (map view)? So, we could increase or decrease its size on the map? For instance, for my setup ideal size would be around 120%

3. New Battery % level (with charging indicator) widget on map/home view? We have time widget for some time now (great!), larger Battery % indicator is needed for the same reason (too small in status bar to be able to reed in hectic enduro situations)

4. Option to show/hide auto Start&End track waypoints ALL TOGETHER (I know that we can hide them one by one, bit in case of multiple tracks gpx, this simply is not user friendly).