João Pereira

Bug in ver 3.00043:

On GPX re-load (for instance, after app start or change of the theme due to light sensor) “POI icon highlight” (map view/stack of cards) doesn’t work as expected. Let’s say, I have: Fuel, Peaks and Parking as selected highlighted POIs (nothing else). After GPX reload only Fuel shows and Hospitals shows (not selected!), on appropriate zoom levels. Then I go again to “POI Icon Highlight” and select and deselect Hospitals, deselect and select again Peaks and Parking. After that everything shows as expected, but ONLY until next GPX reload! This happens in Android 13 and 14 both, dmd as home app and not, both.

Also, where can we find updated changelog (other than facebook, unfortunately not all of us have and use FB)? Changelog at the first page of this topic stopped at 3.00033 version. Thanks!

Thank you for reporting this, you are indeed correct, settings got lost on app start :O
Fixed for next update!

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