Thanks for the response, much appreciated. I don’t know what the HUD is or how it works. All I want is be able to control things via the DMD2 app like change songs (via Spotify widget), pages, zoom in-out, go North/track up and left-right-up-down… As long as this works well I’m happy. I would mostly use DMD2 for offroading or regular road if I know the way, otherwise I use Waze/Google map.

I’ll be getting the T865 shortly, I would have used everything DMD like controllers but as I said, not a fan of wunderlinq and the other DMD remotes seems a bit hard to put on the 1250GSA without making it look even more like a fighter jet flight deck 😂. I like the idea of using the OEM wheel and put the other controller on the already empty handlebar area.