Currently, Carpe iter BMW control works almost good with DMD2.

Why almost? Well, there is no “cancel” button. This is, for instance, important in map view (no way to unlock screen via remote, if you lock it automatically). Everything else is ok, at least in this basic remote mode. Including, suppressing of Carpe’s HUD (I really do not like it!!). But, if you do – it is ok, too. In every other nav app profile (other than dmd2) HUD is present and operational. I think  this is perfect for everyone. For us using dmd2 95% of the time and for others, using it in addition to more traditional nav apps.

There are no real reason for not to have bike date via Carpe’s bmw control, too. Other than mutual misunderstandings between two companies. Frankly, I don’t care who is to blame, not a realm of my interests, but I can say that this is a real shame for us, users. BMW control us MUCH neater solution than Wunderlinq. Latter is to bulky, to pricy and, in my opinion, potentially unstable (you link your bulky device to wunderlinq, which links to garmin stand, which links to 12mm bar => problems ahead everywhere outside good tarmac!). BMW control is little box, that you tuck out of the way and then you link directly to 12mm bar. WUnderlinq is, again only in my opinion which probably is not true (!),  one of those things that sounds like a good idea, but creates more problems than it solves…

Please note that I am not in any way linked to Carpe iter or DMD2, I am only the user which use these tools on 3 different bikes… and looks for unicorns :), meaning perfect solutions that don’t exist in reality 🙂