Today I installed 3.00039 on my device: The foreground service message on exit is really gone :-(. When switching to the device home screen (and not exiting DMD2!), the trip is not incremented and straight lines are drawn… 🙁 🙁 . Also, switching the screen off during DMD trip recording leads to the same problem.
So, that forces us to use DMD2 as start app and NEVER use another app over it that may switch the screen off (like during a phone call…). The only workaround currently is to record the trip with a third party app (like GPX logger recommended by Severian – it works really great! :-)).
John, can’t you explain the Google reviewer / approver that this will cost Google license fees (American companies are usually very sensitive to this…)? This is a huge limitation of functionality of a navigation / trip logging app!! Google has allowed the wished behavior already in DMD1 (which I sometimes still use :-). Why don’t they allow it in DMD2? –> Explain and ask him. May be the forum participants should send him a protest petition…

Probably the best solution really is providing an apk-download outside the google play store, if that discussion still does not help…